How traditional workshop of Alpen Pharma AG unites, consolidates and inspires for productive work


This year Alpen Pharma AG held the 18th International Workshop in sunny Baku. Traditionally, the event lasted for a week. Almost 370 participants from over 20 countries attended 10 training sessions. And also visited 18 local pharmacies, getting acquainted with the specifics of work in Azerbaijan.


Conferences, trainings, reports about the work done is a great opportunity to share experiences, own findings and secrets of effective work with colleagues. Discuss emerging issues and set new goals - these unifying events unite and inspire multinational company Alpen Pharma AG for new achievements at the traditional autumn workshop.

This year, the participants of the workshop had a new opportunity - to learn how their colleagues work in Azerbaijan from the inside. Pharmacy visits were a surprise of the 18th international team building. Employees from different countries visited 18 pharmacies in the old part of Baku. Good mood, goodwill and company news are an unconditional possibility of developing cooperation.

– Our international meeting was very enriching for us, especially because of the true family atmosphere. It was very encouraging to learn more about the company's directions and plans. Working meetings have been very useful for us, because of the launch experience with the same products in other countries and find way for growth. Meeting about digital marketing was important, l certainly use the information from speaker in future, – said Peter Sukup, Product Manager of Alpen Pharma AG in Slovakia. 

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